i3 window manager in Qubes OS


Qubes OS is awesome, i3 is awesome. Lets combine them.

Qubes OS probably does not need any further introduction. You can read about it on the official website. While it comes with KDE by default, it's easy enough to change it to i3.

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Representation clauses in Ada


A record_representation_clause specifies the storage representation of records and record extensions, that is, the order, position, and size of components (including discriminants, if any). ARM12

They are very useful when interfacing with hardware. Doing this in C quickly turns into a mess of bitwise or'ing and bitshifting certain values by certain widths which might be fast, but is hard to read. Here I will try to show how this can be done in a better way in Ada, using representation clauses.

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Always on top scratchpad in i3 window manager

This is a way to have the i3 window manager scratchpad always on top, following you on every workspace. This can be handy when you want to have something on the screen all the time, like the 2014-12-04 Orion launch for example. It's a bit of a hack but ...

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SSL Connections with Irssi on FreeBSD

Most examples on how to do this are for Linux. On FreeBSD the process is only slightly different:

  1. Install the security/ca_root_nss port

  2. Configure irssi by running the following commands in it:

    /network add -nick 'nick' -realname 'real name' freenode
    /server add -auto -ssl_verify -ssl_cafile /usr/local/share/certs/ca-root-nss ...
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