For students of the NHL Hogeschool Leeuwarden who want to have their university account synced with their Android (4.x) phone, here's how:

  • Go to the settings screen
  • Go to Accounts & sync
  • Press the "+" in the action bar
  • In the appearing list, select "Google" to add a Google account
  • Answer "Existing" to the question whether you want to add a new or existing account
  • In the menu on the action bar, select "Browser sign-in"
  • In the browser screen that appears, log in like you normally would:
    • Enter your NHL email address, e.g., keep the password field blank
    • You are then redirected to the normal NHL login page, log in as normally
  • You are then asked what things to sync, decide for yourself. Drive, Contacts and Mail are essentials for me

After these steps you'll receive your NHL University email on your phone. :-)